It’s the weekend and you’re awake searching the web to tell you how to best recover from late night drinking. We’ve all been there, you’re not alone.

So, what exactly happened to your body last night? You drank too much alcohol, you either didn’t eat before going out or you forgot to eat during and after drinking. Your stomach couldn’t absorb the heavy amounts of alcohol you consumed; the alcohol became quickly absorbed into your blood stream; your liver became flooded with alcohol content. While the alcohol was in your liver, it underwent a metabolic process changing into acetaldehyde (super, awful, toxic stuff – like having formaldehyde swimming in your body). With time, acetaldehyde was converted into acetate (nice, happy, harmless compound), underwent another break down, and became carbon dioxide and water. Next time you ended up peeing or pooping, all that alcohol you consumed was lying in a ceramic bowl for the fish to eat. Yummy.

Bottom line: You didn’t pace yourself last night and your liver revolted. Good morning sunshine, hello dehydrated body cells. You need a cure.

Hangover cure 1. Drink like an athlete and consume a sports drink!

Sports drinks are brimming over with electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, which act to stabilize and combat the hydration process in your body. First affects you will feel after consuming: Energy and skin elasticity.

(How to check if you’re dehydrated, grab a pinch of skin on the back of your hand, and release. If the skin snaps back into place, you’re hydrated. If it slowly sinks, like a thick pudding back to cover your bony hand, you need liquids, baby.)

Hangover cure 2. Herbal tea helps with cancer, heart disease, and hangovers

Try mixing your morning cup of hot herbal tea with a splash of ginger, lemon, and honey. Think of this as a powerhouse remedy. Time to stomp that alcohol into submission and get it out of your system.

Things to remember, red ginseng tea will help fight off fatigue, stomach pain, and prevent thirst. Green tea is rich in catechins, an antioxidant, responsible for metabolic actions within the small intestine and liver.

Hangover cure 3. Superfood, grapefruit, helps your hangover blues

Grapefruit is rich in Vitamin C, works as a natural cleanser for the liver, and comes with plenty of pectin and antioxidants. All of this helps to increase the production of enzymes which kick start the liver into a working mode.

Not only do fruity superfoods do this, but they synthesize that deadly toxin acetaldehyde into soluble water.

Hangover cure 4. Blueberries and more superfoods

Blueberries are loaded with antioxidant properties. Not only does this have direct and indirect effects, as stated with slide 3 on grapefruits, but it perks up your immune system.

Think about it, your liver has chosen to revolt. It’s said, “No, fuck you. I’m not working today. Day off. Come back tomorrow.” Your liver is responsible for 7 key bodily functions. More info here: Let’s get that sucker back up and running. Full production mode.

Hangover cure 5. Harness your inner preggo girl and consume pickles

Pickles and ice cream for breakfast? Maybe, now that you’re not so drunk, this isn’t a tasty option… But, eat the pickles. Pickles clean up dead particles lingering around in the liver. Pickles and other fermented foods combat the effects of greasy and fatty foods and contribute to the break down of dangerous fats and proteins.

Anything fermented decreases inflammation. Inflammation increases the response of your body’s white blood cells. This histamine-like response redirects blood to a particular area preventing blood circulation to other areas in your body. It’s really, a chaotic mess.

Eat pickles and fermented goods, keep your blood circulation running through your body properly.

Hangover cure 6. Coffee, does it work to help you recover from a hangover?


Have you ever gone in for a drink, a few drinks actually, and had the bartender begin to offer you coffee to “sober up”? Yeah, me too. But, why? Mythbusters actually ran a test on this possible hangover cure. If you watch the video, you’ll notice coffee, didn’t do too much to sober anyone up. While Jamie improved with a few cups of coffee, Adam, playing the control of the study, improved as well (without the coffee). This really leads me to believe, had they done the coffee test later in their study, maybe as a second, or third test, results may have shown differently. But, they kept their alcohol levels the same throughout…

I’ll leave it to you guys to check out why coffee may or may not help with sobering effects. Remember to leave a comment in the comment section. We may follow-up with a second hangover cure list…

Hangover cure 7. Nutty bananas will perk you up quick after a heavy night of drinking

Bananas are loaded with potassium and vitamin B6. Not only are you targeting your electrolyte restoration activity, but you’re giving your body something to work with for an energy source.

Vitamin B6 is one of those vital resources necessary for a balanced body. It restores brain functions and improves neurological development, it affects mood by helping the body to make serotonin and norepinephrine. It also helps to regulate your body’s natural clock by aiding in the production of melatonin.

One shot of a nutty banana shake, the night prior to a morning meeting and your sleeping schedule and mood are back in working mode.

Hangover cure 8. Mom’s chicken noodle soup perks you right up

The protein from the meat, the bone marrow dense broth, vitamin B6 again, the 27.3 mg of calcium and 252 mg of potassium, let alone the iron, magnesium, and phosphorus… Tell me you’re drooling over these numbers! Okay, maybe you’re not such a nerd as we are…

Just know, chicken noodle soup is like swallowing an all-day vitamin. Plus, the greasy fats help to quickly absorb remaining alcohol lingering in your blood stream, slowing the process of absorption.

Hangover cure 9. 1% Milk – not 2% Milk

The logic behind this one is that you’re trying to cull the amount of fat in your body. Fat prevents nutrient absorption. You definitely want healthy fats in your body; especially since they contribute to amino acid and omega-3 and omaga-6 fatty acid concentrations in your body. What is it about milk that will help you feel better after a night of drinking?

Milk has high amounts of vitamin D, calcium, and provides a source of protein. These three standalone items are great for your body to promote other curative properties and actions to heal your body. Just don’t go crazy on the milk, keep it lean, high amounts of saturated fats aren’t good for your liver.

Hangover cure 10. Legumes and green leafy vegetables

Consume anything with bright a pigment (color). Legumes and leafy vegetables provide your body with a high amount of protein, iron, and fiber. They also contain a bit of carbohydrates, so you’re able to keep your body’s sugar levels happy while avoiding French fries. Although, French fries definitely help anyone with a hangover feel right as rain the next day… refried beans covered in French fries wrapped in a lettuce leaf?

Hangover cure 11. Burgers and red meat combat high amounts of alcohol

See, now you have an excuse to go crazy on that morning bacon. We should emphasize, if you’re going to go for greasy, fatty foods, do so moments after drinking. Not the next day. The fatty meat will quickly adhere to the alcohol and slow down absorption.

Red meat is also miserably full of iron and protein, so, that’s something…

Hangover cure 12. Pear juice helps beat the booze, but, why?

Answer: Pectin.

Pectin is a polysaccharide (many-sugared) carbohydrate containing pectin acids. It binds, particularly well, to LDL cholesterol and blocks its absorption properties in the liver. It also inhibits bile acid metabolism. This inhibitory effect reduces hepatic cholesterol concentrations.

Helpful side note, the skin is dense in pectin and should be consumed when eating the pear. Throw that sucker into a blender, add a banana, a handful of nuts, and consume. If you need to, eat a slice of bacon for taste. For more info on pectin, following this link as this information was curtesy of their site.

Hangover cure 13: Miso soup and Chinese food

What did you twitter users say?


I’m going to let the public attest to this as being effective…

Hangover cure 14. Soy protein shakes make the body ‘swoll’­—en with protein

Vegetarians, come talk to the meat eaters today. Here’s your moment to brag about having soy and soy products in your fridge. You’ve got the advantage.

Soy contains amino acids which aid in breaking down the toxins which have found themselves in your body this morning. Soy, also, contains a high amount of proteins, when compared to meat or whey proteins you’ve got these results, as reported by the USDA:

  • 3 ounces of 95-percent lean ground beef provide 25 grams of dietary protein
  • 3-ounce portion, or 85 grams, of soy-based firm tofu contains about 13 grams of protein
  • One-half cup of soybeans provides about 16.5 grams of dietary protein

It’s up to you to choose your protein source.

Hangover cure 15. Oatmeal, a healthy grain and carbohydrate

Oatmeal is wonderful for your skin, hair, and nails. It also helps you poop ‘on the regular.’ It’s dense in fiber, and, bonus: Works to prevent fatty liver disease.

Fatty liver disease comes from the following: High cholesterol, high amounts of triglyceride fats, obesity, and type-2 diabetes. If you are susceptible to any of these conditions and gave your liver a fit by drinking too much last night, get a bowl of oatmeal going the next morning. For a week.

Random info: MIT ran a study showing oatmeal actually boosts your mood!

Hangover cure 16. Guacamole has been scientifically proven to help lessen the effects of a hangover

Guacamole is loaded with a blend of oils which aid in liver enzymatic production. They decrease the amount of LDL cholesterol and increase HDL (good) cholesterol. Primarily, the avocado works against inflammation. It’s really, inflammation in your liver that causes the effects you’re feeling this morning.

The vitamins you’ll find stored in this miracle fruit are vitamin E and K. Both work to attack free radicals. Think of a bunch of crazed militia-like properties swarming your liver with guns. Your liver could potentially be at risk for a takeover. Eat avocados, prevent your liver from surrendering.

Hangover cure 17. Lemons are so good at what they do, toxins in the liver run in fear

You need water, and lots of it. Why not add a splash of lemon, or a high amount of citrus, to your water?

Lemons tell the liver to produce healthy and good bile. The vitamin C in your lemons works with the liver to produce a compound known as glutathione. Glutathione has cleaning and rejuvenating properties.

Hangover cure 18. Tomato juice, AKA, Clamato juice

I’ve had people offer this during my rare episodes of heavy drinking, but, it didn’t do the quick trick. So, what is it amount tomato juice that tells everyone it’s the cure-all?

Answer: Chlorine and sulfur.

These two chemicals run rampant in tomatoes. They work with the liver and kidneys to detox all the alcoholic content which has found itself lodged in high concentrations. Not only this, but it prevents liver disease. Whether it’s a night of drinking and just waking up through the stupor, you’ll really doing your body a favor by consuming V8 daily.

Bonus, if you don’t like sports drinks, like mentioned in slide 1, fill up on tomato juice. It comes with plenty of electrolytes, sodium and potassium to restore the balance lost in your body’s interstitial fluids.

Hangover cure 19: Coconut water has 660 mg of potassium

For those of you that don’t know, 660 mg of potassium is a lot. But, not enough. The average adult between the ages of 18 and older requires an average 4,700 mg each day. Nursing and pregnant women need even more, 5,100 mg. An 8 oz glass of potassium is a good start to the say and a great way to get your body feeling happier.

After a heavy day of drinking, try to eat baked potatoes (926 mg of potassium), cooked spinach (1/2 cup provides 420 mg of potassium), and plenty of coconut water. Watch your nutrients’ labels for potassium content and you should be feeling great in no time.

Hangover cure 20. Watermelon makes your mouth happy.

Who doesn’t like a cool splash of watermelon? Do you really need a reason to consume the juicy fruit? No.

Watermelon, a superfood, is another great source of potassium, comes loaded with magnesium, and offers your liver L-citrulline.

Why is your liver eating L-citrulline for breakfast? It aids in the correct opening of your blood cells. It regulates your nitrogen levels, it works on metabolic functions (a key function of your liver), removes ammonia from your muscle cells and liver, and alleviates anxiety.

So, if you need a boost after a binge drinking, maybe you woke up with two extra people in your bed, maybe you’ve got a tattoo you now regret, maybe you’ve got yourself a handy-dandy new STD… whatever it is, eat watermelon. It’ll make you feel good, for just a moment, until you remember you’ve got bigger problems…

From all of us here at, cheers and happy drinking. Drink safe and party like you mean it.