Remember this little nugget we shared with you last month: “Personalized users are allowed to grow up to six marijuana plants on their property.” Well, it’s finally here.

Tuesday night, November 8th, 2016, the state of Nevada chose to legalize recreation marijuana for sale and use on personal property. The vote passed by 6 points.

Under this law, users would be allowed to buy it all. 1 ounce of marijuana or up to an eighth of concentrates like wax, carbon dioxide oil, and shatter. But, that’s not all, you now have access to any bong or glass pipe you want. So, there’s no need to tell your grandma you’ve just bought her a vase, you can ask her to toke alongside of you.

According to this will be a “boom” for business:

“Recreational marijuana is estimated to bring more than $1.1 billion in tax revenue and economic activity over the course of the law’s initial eight years, according to a study by Las Vegas-based RCG Economics. While most of Las Vegas’ more 42 million annual visitors come to the valley for its variety of gaming and entertainment options, RCG Principal John Restrepo said adult-use marijuana will draw a “small yet notable” addition of weed-specific tourists here.”

This major U.S. election has had many people on the edge of their nerves biting their nails down to the cuticle. I’m sure most of them would be happy to puff away on something to calm the nerves. Well, it doesn’t happen that quickly. Marijuana won’t be available for some time. State legislators will need to build the necessary framework around dispensary licenses and various programs.

There will be an 18-month period for state registered certificate holders to gain capital on this law enactment. These dispensary owners get first dibs it seems. After the 18 months, the opportunity to build a business within this industry will be ripe for the picking.

Until then, grab your bong and enjoy a clip from the industry’s best selling advertisement warning you of the dangers of pot smoking: Half Baked, from YouTube user, MovieClips.