Super Bowl LI

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

NGR Stadium in Houston, TX

Kickoff is approximately set to 6:30 pm EST

Network: Fox

Announcers: Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews, Chris Myers

National Anthem singer: Luke Bryan

Half-time show headliner: Lady Gaga

Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots


Patriots have a favorability with a 3-point lead with a “Super bowl-record over/under of 59 points.

NFL Standings in their respective conferences:


NFC South, ranked No. 1: Atlanta Falcons, 11 and 5 this season.



AFC East, ranked No. 1: New England Patriots, tighter defense with 14 and 2 this season.

Records and previous titles for both teams:

9th visit to the Super Bowl for New England Patriots, carrying 4 Super Bowl Championships (2001, SB 36, 2003, SB 38, 2004, SB 39, and 2014, SB 39.)

2nd visit to the Super Bowl for Atlanta Falcons. During their last visit in the 1998 season, Super Bowl 33, the Denver Broncos took the win, 34-19.

More details on their rise to Super Bowl 51 read here. expects to make a big hit with the commercials for Super Bowl LI. Check out sneak previews of the soon-to-be released blockbuster Wonder Woman.

Budweiser will release a PSA on drinking and driving, while Intel will air their commercial with a sleepy Tom Brady getting his day started. Skittles, Snickers, and Mountain Dew will have their own spots, and it needs reminding, the cost of a 30-second commercial this year: $5.02 million.

It’s time to get the internet talking and make up the money in ad revenue. If last year was any predictor on what to expect, ranked in 39 million viewers to its YT channel for the following super bowl clip. Enjoy a reminder. It’s in a mashup with the DeamWorks animation cast members of Kung Fu Panda.