1. Restaurant Guy Savoy, Caesars Palace, 3570 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109

Reservations are closed and seating is no longer available for last minute searches. However, just to offer a little tease of what is being served, check it out.

Valentine’s Day Menu at Restaurant Guy Savoy, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Price: $340 per person

Patrons are welcome to select from:

  • Octopus like a “Pot au Feu” (Poulpe comme un “Pot au Feu”) with
    • Seared Black Cod, Baby Turnips and Black Pepper Sauce (Morue Charbonnière, Navets et Sauce au Poivre Noir), or,
  • Lobster, Winter Vegetable Ravioli and Natural Jus Homard, Raviolis de Légumes d’Hiver et Jus Naturel, or,
  • Grilled A5 Japanese Wagyu Beef, Celery Root Variation Wagyu Japonais Grillé, Variation de Cèleri with,
  • Rose, Lychee and Raspberry Litchi, Rose et Framboise or,
  • Chocolate and Beet Betterave et Chocolat

For the full menu, follow this link. Also, word of advice, book far in advance. Perhaps 1 month out is the best advice to secure a table at prime hours.

Enjoy Las Vegas and Happy Valentine’s Day, TheVegas7.