So, we’ve been hearing for a month now that Mark Davis, Raiders’ owner, has been having some beef with billionaire investor, Sheldon Adelson. Why? Well, blame another one on Trump.

The NFL Oakland Raider’s Stadium Becomes the Latest Development in Las Vegas.

September 15, 2016 The Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee (SNTIC) has unanimously agreed to bring the Oakland Raiders, to Las Vegas, Nevada.

The project has financial backing. A Nevada oversight committee unanimously voted to give $750 million of public funding to the project. A proposal has been sent forth to draw funding by raising hotel tax in the Vegas area (0.1% increase). Partial funding will come from billionaire investor and casino giant CEO of Las Vegas Sands, Sheldon Adelson. Adelson plans to contribute $650 million. In addition to these initial investors, the Raiders will contribute $500 million to see the venture go through.

Although the financial backing is secure, the project isn’t in the clear. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, Nevada State Legislature, and over three-quarters of the NFL owners still need convincing to approve moving the Raiders to Las Vegas. (Although, SNTIC’s unanimous vote is already a recommendation by Sandoval.)

“I never dreamed of or hoped for a unanimous vote,” Andy Abboud, representative for Las Vegas Sands said. “But a unanimous vote, I think, sends a very strong signal to the Legislature.”

October 17, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed Senate Bill 1 and Assembly Bill 1, proposals approving the financing of the $1.5 billion stadium.

Opposition was everywhere during the progress of this movement. Certain parties have come out to question whether or not it was “wise to invest public funds in a project spearheaded by a private investor.” Other areas of concern, public bonds are used in this venture, requiring the public to be responsible for stadium maintenance in the event of an economic downturn.

Speaking of that private investor, here’s something: Sheldon Adelson has been the single largest contributor to Trump’s Super PAC. Adelson reportedly gave $25 million to Trump’s campaign after initially being split on his contribution choice.

(Rumors have it, Adelson was leaning towards a political contribution for R. Senator Marco Rubio while his wife wanted to support R. Senator Ted Cruz. The couple decided to donate to Trump’s campaign regardless of his anti-Semitic commentary during the 2016 presidential election year. Adelson and Trump bonded a love interest in their hate of the Iran deal.)

Currently, Adelson finds himself sandwiched with casino moguls Steve Wynn, Phil Ruffin, and wife of billionaire investor Carl Ighan, Gail Ighan on the Inauguration committee as one of the 17 “finance vice chairs.” So… sports fans, (particularly those of you in Las Vegas) you’re going to have to wait for Trump to finish his partying before negotiations can be finalized on your sports’ team movement. This is just another reminder for those of you who might have thought the thought political nightmare of 2016 was over, guess again. It’s in your backyard, Las Vegas.

Here’s the thick of it: Davis and Adelson have been squabbling over details on part ownership of the Raiders.

Adelson, recently took on the purchase of media and print company The Las Vegas Review-Journal. Reportedly, demanding part ownership of the Raiders to keep his investment, Adelson went so far as to have his newspaper draft up an article where Las Vegas Raiders’ fans are baited with such language as “trustworthiness.” It was comical in how Adelson’s LV Review article quoted a previous receiver from the Raiders, Cliff Branch, as:

“One thing about Mark Davis, he’s an honest guy… When he gives his word about something, he’s totally committed.”

And yet, it’s Adelson who’s strong-arming and considering backing out of the deal… Try “committing” to your initial obligations, Adelson.

Regardless of politics, something must be done with this NFL team. The Oakland Raiders have been playing in the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum for 21 years now. With the season already in full swing, this will make it their 22nd year. Sure, they’ll be sad to leave their fans, but the team keeps the same Raider spirit. They’re just taking the game to a bigger stadium.

We might have forgotten to mention: the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum is the smallest operating stadium in the NFL.

Now if the time to help the Oakland Raiders graduate to the big boys table and fill out a $1.8 billion, 65,000 seat, domed stadium. It’s time to fill out that fan base and stop messing around with politics.