257 years of brewing heritage… That is the amount of time it has taken Arthur Guinness to craft one of the world’s signature ales; beginning in 1759.

To share in some of the history, Arthur Guinness signed originally signed a 9,000-year lease at a rented fee of £49 per year. The location: St. James Gate Brewery, Dublin. It took 10 years to craft his first round of ready-made stout, and off to Great Britain went six-and-one-half barrels.

Arthur Guinness saw success. By 1886, the Guinness brand was averaging 1,138,000 barrels sold each year. The company was valued at £6 million, adjusting for inflation, that would be £696 million or $856.08 million. All this revenue and acclaim came solely from brews; not a single public house (pub/bar) was opened under the Guinness franchise.

But, this isn’t an economics post, it’s a how-to post… So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Las Vegas is bringing the U.S. a 257-year-old crafted and perfected brewing technique. Think you’re ready to be served?

Early 2017, bartenders from the Rí Rá Irish pub in Las Vegas, Nevada, will be teaching curious patrons how to pour a proper Guinness pint. The fee is estimated at $12 per person, per lesson. Following the lesson, consumers will be given a plastic tulip as a keepsake to commemorate the occasion only few ever learn.


Now, anyone who has ever been to Las Vegas and curious to explore its ties to the Emerald Isle, already know the small details I’ll provide next. (Back in 2011, inside the Shoppes at Mandalay Place—a collection of 40 shops and restaurants, between the Mandalay Bay and Luxor hotels—Guinness set up its first official store in the U.S.) Now, what’s interesting is that in this official Guinness store, you can pick up every and any official Guinness item created. Each item can be found in one place. One of the more coveted items: The Guinness brewing spoon.

What’s unique about this spoon is how it’s used in brewing technique. Patrons need to pour, say, a Black and Tan (mixture of Guinness and Pale Ale), their beer on the backside of the spoon. This allows a neat umbrella of the brew to “fan out over the second drink” which creates the even split between the two drinks consumers so wish to see. Source credit, this link.


Granted, merchandise is perfect for your home brewers and hobbyists, but, wouldn’t you want to learn the skill to make the perfect pint? Show off your heritage, and check this place out. And remember, you heard it first, here, at TheVegas7.

One special treat to leave you good and thirsty, a snap preview of the technique expected to see in training classes. It’s how to pour a perfect Guinness pint, using the Two-Part Pour.

YouTube credit: User Nightwolf45

Part 1. To achieve this Guinness masterpiece, use a, “Beer-clean, 20 oz., tulip-shaped glass.”

This achieves the signature look of the Guinness pint as advertised in commercials and used in logo prints. Beer-cleaned is best as you needn’t worry about detergent oils interfering or causing a residual taste. Follow through with your action by tilting the glass at a 45° angle and pour Guinness draft 2/3 of the way up the pint glass. Once you’ve filled the glass 2/3 of the way full, enjoy the surge and settle of the beer.

Some warnings to adhere to:

  1. Make sure the spout never touches the beer, and,
  2. the tap needs to be fully open to ensure a full stream of flow!

As stated in the video, “During this time, 10 billion nitrogen bubbles rush up the center and down the sides of the pint.”

Part 2. Once settled, take up the glass, hold it straight and vertical and pour the flow directly into the glass.

This creates a dome on the rim of the Guinness glass. At this point, “the nitrogen bubbles have fully settled and formed the velvety head,” so characteristic of Guinness draft beer that every other beer on the market tries to achieve.

Once consumed, repeat parts 1 through 2 until properly pissed.