You might be one of the people sharing this most recent article around on FB. It’s the real deal and the sums are huge (pardon the pun). TheVegas7 has you covered with the details on getting paid January 20th. Attached is the website if you’re really curious.

Demand Protest is a grassroots led organization funding potential protesters in now 20 major cities across the US. In the image below, you can see the advertisement for the those in Oklahoma City, and Tulsa. The purpose: “To send a strong message at upcoming inauguration protests.”

The link can be viewed here.

Here’s what the organization is offering to eager applicants:

  1. Monthly retainer of $2,500
  2. An additional $50/hr, conditional on participating in at least 6 events for 1 year
  3. Normal work schedules can be worked around
  4. Traveling is paid
  5. A benefits package is available for full-time operatives

A benefits package will be made available to full-time operatives. This includes: Dental, medical, vision for the entire family. Also, full-timers receive paid training and flexible vacation packages.

The advertisement went live on January 12, so there’s still plenty of time to seek employment. When Trump said, he would bring jobs back to America, he sure as hell is making good on that promise. (It’s just probably not the way he meant…)

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