Conor McGregor, champ of the UFC 205 match against Eddie Alvarez at Madison Square Garden, is the first for many things.

The man is first to hold two UFC titles in different weight divisions. He has the fastest K.O. on record. Up until UFC 196 he had been the highest MMA purse holder, banking $1 million from the fight. (Current ranks have Brock Lesner pulling in $2.5 million from his UFC 200.)



But, if you’re a McGregor fan, never fear. This man is on the rise. Like I said, he’s the first for many things. California has decided to issue the welterweight and featherweight title holder a boxing license. What would this mean for the athlete? Floyd Mayweather, would you come out of retirement…?

California’s action doesn’t come as much of a surprise. McGregor hinted of a big reveal after his UFC 205 victory. Most thought it was the announcement of long-time (8-years) girlfriend’s, Dee Devlin, pregnancy. McGregor came out with a statement that he would be “taking time off.” (But, if history has any chance of showing us repeated actions in concealed behavior – see postponed rematch against Nate Diaz UFC 200, when McGregor sent out a “retirement-suggestive” tweet – we shouldn’t be surprised if McGregor is using this time off to prep for a new ring.)

Will McGregor be coming back to his home, Las Vegas, second only to Dublin, Ireland, any time soon?

We can speculate the answer is no; at least, not any time soon… A “dispute” was issued by Nevada State Athletic Commission which fined him $150,000 for throwing water bottles at opponent Nate Diaz.

That’s one pricey bottle of liquid, McGregor… But, it could have been worse. Diaz could have gotten a taste of decadence had McGregor thrown a bottle of Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani, which sells out of Mexico at $52,082. Just saying, if you’re going for broke, make it iceberg water served from a golden vase.