Have you heard about CES, Consumer Electronics Show? It’s an annual convention show which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year the trade show is celebrating its 50th anniversary. With tech gadgets on the rise, manufacturers are thinking next generation products. We mentioned in a previous post, a pickup in wearables -particularly the use of cirtual reality sneakers – and the use of cameras (check out the latest selling virtual reality and drones). But, one more, rather unconventional concept: Tech meets fashion and beauty.

A direct quote as pulled from the, Mark Hung, VP with Gartner Research explains why CES is seeping into this new department:

“When an industry is nascent, you will see experimentation… Companies will throw things against the wall to see what sticks.”

So, let’s see what sticks when fashion and beauty meets the digital world at CES Las Vegas, 2017.

When: January 5 – 8, 2017.

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, 3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA

Ticket cost: Follow this link for floor plans, schedules, and ticket costs.

Treat yourselves to beauty and fashion made simple at CES with jeans from Spinali Design giving directions when on the move, Xenoma’s “e-skin” t-shirt measuring breathing while working out, or even The Hair Coach from L’Oreal’s Kerastase which measures how you brush your hair.

Yes, ladies, this year was made for you.

I know we all hate it when men think or assume a woman needs to stop and ask for directions. We don’t need to, we just do it rather than guessing and getting lost, guys… Well, ladies, never fear; a French startup company, Spinali Design, has released some sleek and trendy jeans to do the trick. Image walking throughout a new city. Your cell phone is dead and you don’t have a power bank. You can simply program these jeans to help you navigate to your next location. A small vibration emits on the right or left sides of your pockets to gently remind you how to get to your destination.

Spinali Design also has a “smart-bikinis” which reminds you when to put on more sunscreen when baking in the hot sun. Imagine, no longer waking up with scorching hot burn marks or uneven tan lines.

The jeans are running $100 and the bikini is priced at $140.

We know your New Year’s resolution was to hit the gym more. Not saying this in a snarky way, hell, we gorged on potatoes stuffed with cranberry stuffed with tryptophan wrapped in gluten for days blending into two months of holiday festivities. We all want to hit the gym right now. Xenoma has released a new wearable: E-skin.

E-skin is designed to monitor your respiratory system, body temperature, perspiration, and blood pressure. Not only is this shirt designed to workout with you. (Designers are working in doubling this wearable for virtual reality gaming, too! Who said chics don’t game? Stay tuned on concept design, but remember the shirt is still available for consumers wanting more workout gear.)

A mirror that ages as you age, it’s HiMirror.

The internet is rife with judging women and young ladies on their looks, daily. Why do you need that pressure? Skip the drama and thank the individuals over at HiMirror. This product is designed to give you a personalized health consultant which coaches you on applying makeup and performing skin care technique, effectively. Over the life of the mirror, your skin is monitored for aging and evolves as you do.

Units are selling for $189.

CES rolls out with beauty care products, like L’Oreal’s Kerastase, The Hair Coach.

L’Oreal’s Kerastase, The Hair Coach, is a brush. It works with microphone, gyroscope sensors and can judge the speed and pressure you apply to your hair while brushing. The design is modeled to help users prevent breakage or split ends. Smart technology tells you the correct amount of heat you’re applying to your hair, tells you the wetness prior to applying products, and detects humidity to remind you about defrizzing before leaving.

The brush is being sold by Kerastase for $200 a brush. Working models will be available for purchase later this year, 2017.

I’m loving these concepts, and I’m massively impressed by the tech world for including products tailored to women. It’s time women join this industry and have a felt presence.