You’ve been watching Hillary versus Trump matches far too long. It’s time to get your heads out of #PoliticalNightmare2016 and tune in. Tonight, the stage gets lit. It’s happening! McGregor versus Alvarez takes place in Madison Square Gardens, home of NYC, November 12th, 2016 at 10pm/7pm, ETPT. Alvarez is the current lightweight title holder, and that shit is up for grabs. Both fighters are weighing in at 155 lbs, and haven’t squared off with one another yet.

Let’s see how they match with each other.

McGregor 5 recent MMA matches:

Opponent UFC match Outcome Round (time)
Nate Diaz UFC 202 Win 5 (5:00)
Nate Diaz UFC 196 Loss 2 (4:12)
Jose Aldo UFC 194 Win by K.O. 1 (0:13)
Chad Mendes UFC 189 Win by T.K.O. 2 (4:57)
Dennis Siver UFC Fight Night 59 Win by T.K.O. 2 (1:54)

Alvarez 5 recent MMA matches

Opponent UFC match Outcome Round (time)
Rafael dos Anjos UFC Fight Night 90 Win by T.KO 1 (3:49)
Anthony Pettis UFC Fight Night 81 Win 3 (5:00)
Gilbert Melendez UFC 188 Win 3 (5:00)
Donald Cerrone UFC 178 Loss 3 (5:00)
Michael Chandler Bellator 58 Win 5 (5:00)

You find further details of their history and what to expect the UFC website here.

Until then, let us just leave you with the best career highlights scattered around the web from both fighters. Enjoy and stay focused. Ohh yeah, once you’re partied too hard, check out our cure for hangovers by following this link. #DrinkResponsibly and #StayThirsty

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