On March 5th, 2016, the world is expecting to see UFC 196 pitting MMA fighter Conor McGregor against MMA fighter Nate Diaz.



McGregor currently holds the current UFC featherweight belt in the 145 category. He’s upped his game and is preparing to compete against Diaz in the 170 category. It’s the Welterweight division.

The Dublin native has had many successes in his career:

Second Irishman allowed to compete for UFC on a multi-fight contract.

Fastest finish in any UFC title fight (This was the match against Jose Aldo 10-year-long title holder, in UFC 194.) McGregor took the belt in 13 seconds.

His UFC 189 match against Chad Mendes drew in $7.2 million at the gate. This was the highest collection for a mixed martial arts event.

With some of the highest numbers collected in terms of fans and money, this guy knows how to trash talk his opponents. Here are some of his best quotes:



In preparation of UFC 196 against MMA fighter Nate Diaz

1. McGregor: “I’m in his hometown, this is his place. But listen to the crowd for me. I run the West Coast and the East Coast.”

When Diaz challenged him on his weight division McGregor replied:

2. “The only weight I give a f—k about is the weight of them checks. And my checks are always super heavy. So, I don’t give a sh–.”



When asked about fighters pulling themselves from his fights, he came with this retort:

3. “Dos Anjos broke his foot and his vagina in the same day. I couldn’t believe the odds of that happening.”

In his taunts and jeers, testing those daring enough to challenge him, McGregor tweets the following:

4. Line them up on their knees with their hands out. I want them to beg me.

In UFC 179 Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes took swings on each other. But they roped McGregor in the mix as well. Both fighters took verbal jabs taunting and jeering McGregor for future fights.

5. Number 5, is a phone conference between McGregor and Mendes for the approaching UFC 189:

Mendes: Conor, do you know what wrestling is?

McGregor: I can wrestle my balls on your forehead… Personally, I wish you all the best. I don’t think that it’s going to be any different from the previous contests. But don’t worry I will take that belt from Jose and I will come back hunting for your little midget head.



And for a few of you diehard fans interested in picking up a quote for your next tattoo try these for size. Each of these came as tweets from @TheNotoriousMMA, Mr. McGregor’s twitter handle:

6. I put my money where my mouth was. Now I put my money with my other money.

7. The game is on its knees and I am on the throne.

8. Do something about it. Nobody can do nothing.

9. One way. No Stops. Back to back to back. #UFC197

Finally, my personal favorite, the King of the Cage tweeted:

10. You hear that? Me neither.