This is one heck of a drink that you can eat. Maybe some of you have tried a Bacon Milkshake, or getting a little crazy, the Doug Laming Margarita (edible Cointreau caviar-shaped balls of liquor that burst in your mouth when you eat them). Or better yet, the Bloody Mary garnished with not one, but two sliders!

But, let’s take it down a notch… they’ve got nothing on Tiabi Coffee & Waffle. We here at TheVegas7  like the finer things in life… there’s something to a brewing and curing technique of preparing a proper macchiato that makes your mouth say, “ahhhhh.” Not only do people want the silky texture of a velvety brew, but, you get to follow that up with a slice of a waffle.

The churro flavored waffle sits on top of whip cream atop of a cinnamon-vanilla sprinkled piece of goodness. It’s as if fall flavors have returned. (No worries about Pumpkin Spice fever coming around. Proprietors will thankfully keep that tradition limited to the month of November.)

For patrons looking to check out this odd piece of tasty goodness (served iced or hot and in a range of sizes), GPS Tiabi Coffee & Waffle with two locations:

3961 S. Maryland Parkway and 6320 Simmons St.

To that we say ado and enjoy a sweet treat. Welcome to Las Vegas.