Author: rssmasher

Gird Your Loins, White Castle Opens on Fremont Street

The second White Castle restaurant in Las Vegas has opened for business, this time in downtown on Fremont Street. We were the first to report White Castle would be coming to Fremont Street, news that proved to be polarizing. That’s because people who love White Castle really love White Castle. Others, not so much. You can’t fool us, your loins aren’t even remotely girded. Shame on you. We’ll wait while you gird. Business has been brisk at the new White Castle location, but the opening proved to be far more subdued than when Sin City’s first White Castle opened at Casino Royale on The Strip back in January 2015. White Castle was founded in 1921. Which is odd, because we didn’t even know it was losted. Fremont’s White Castle is open 24/7 and even serves beer. It’s Vegas, so it’s the law. Come for the belly busters, stay for the giggle water. While we weren’t thrilled when White Castle fancied up a classic Trader Bill’s sign, we enjoyed our first visit. We tend to agree with those who say White Castle is an acquired taste, probably because the patties appear to be steamed rather than grilled. Signs at White Castle assure the sliders are 100% beef, so we’ll take them at their word on that. We passed on the onions, although purists probably consider that an unforgivable transgression. Competitive...

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