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Axe Hole Las Vegas Hits the Mark at Neonopolis

Find Search for: When you think about fun things to do in Las Vegas, axe throwing may not immediately spring to mind. Maybe it should. Axe Hole, a new offering at Neonopolis in downtown Las Vegas, provides guests the chance to test their mettle by tossing axes, knives, spears, throwing stars and other sharp objects at targets. We are not entirely sure what a “mettle” is, but it sure does sound like something you’d want to test. To enter Axe Hole, stroll through this door hole. Axe Hole follows on the heels of another axe-throwing emporium, Axe Monkeys, which made its debut in Las Vegas in March 2017. At first, we were doubtful an axe-throwing operation could succeed in Las Vegas, but that doubt evaporated the moment we hit a bull’s eye and heard a magical sound. “Thook.” When you land a hatchet perfectly, you’re hooked. Do it when you’re competing against friends, and axe-throwing becomes an obsession. Top tip: In axe throwing, it’s all about rotation. If you’re not sticking your throw, move a step forward or back. At Axe Hole, $25 per person gets you an hour of throwing time. If you can’t commit to an hour, you can do 15 tosses for $15. We’re telling you right up front, you will not be able to stop at 15, so spring for the hour. Oh, just do the...

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World’s Best Restaurant, Pizza Rock, Celebrates Fourth Anniversary

The world’s best restaurant, Pizza Rock, opened in Las Vegas on Oct. 19, 2013. We loved Pizza Rock when it opened and our love continues to grow four years later. Pizza Rock is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and the other six suck by comparison. To celebrate their fourth anniversary, we decided to challenge the pizza wizards at Pizza Rock to make a pie they’ve never made before. We requested an “all-crust pizza.” That’s right. We invented a new food group. Tony Gemignani, the man behind Pizza Rock, is a 12-time World Pizza Champion. He is also a demigod. We interviewed him on our podcast. Why an “all-crust” pizza? Well, while we order pizza at Pizza Rock on a nearly daily basis, we were in the mood for their meatballs. Pizza Rock’s meatballs are, quite simply (wait for it), the best meatballs in the world. We frequently have an order of meatballs and a side of focaccia as a meal. This time, though, focaccia and the restaurant’s excellent garlic bread wouldn’t do. No, we wanted bread, but a specific kind. The pizza crust kind. Pizza Rock’s geniuses made it happen, so we had the perfect fourth anniversary meal: The world’s best meatballs drenched in the world’s best marinara sauce, which doubled as a dip for the world’s best pizza crust. Behold the first all-crust pizza ever ordered...

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