Month: March 2018

Vital Vegas Podcast, Ep. 74: Rumors, Reflection and Copious Humbuggery

It’s the podcast that’s been described as “unlistenable,” frequently and very recently. In this episode, we shovel all the latest Las Vegas scoop against the advice of our team of lawyers. There you’ve got your SLS sale. There you’ve got your Hard Rock sale. There you’ve got your Gwen Stefani, your Lucky Dragon bankruptcy and your Las Vegas Walk of Stars. The SLS sale is finally going through, and we call dibs on a vest. Learn more about the comp drink monitoring system on the casino floor at Westgate, and get the latest about plans for the El Portal and more. As a special bonus, prospector and part-time marshal Pappy provides his thoughts about Wynn Resorts CEO Matt Maddox claiming he knew nothing about the sexual misbehavior allegations about Steve Wynn. If you don’t listen to this podcast, you’ll break the heart of a noted frontiersman and penny crusher. Long story. It’s the one Las Vegas podcast you can live without, and no, we didn’t inadvertently leave a word out of this sentence. [Read More...

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Comp Drink Monitoring Hits Casino Floor at Westgate

Due to our affinity for the hooch, we’ve kept our eye on casino comp drink monitoring for some time now. Now, we’re watching Westgate. It all started with Mirage using vouchers to ensure guests were playing at a rate, and amount, to warrant their comped drinks. Comped (or complimentary) drinks, of course, are the “free” drinks players earn while gambling. You remember the Westgate. Westgate was originally the International Hotel, then Las Vegas Hilton and LVH. The practice of giving gamblers comped drinks has been around since the earliest days of Las Vegas, but now casinos are focused on the bottom line, and taking their cue from the Mirage, they’re using technology to ensure a return on their liquor investment. It was a pretty big deal when Caesars Entertainment rolled out an automated, “red light, green light” drink monitoring system to all its bar top video poker machines. Early reaction to comp drink monitoring was decidedly negative (ours included), but we quickly learned it wasn’t just beneficial for the casinos. Such systems mainly affect guests looking to get something (free, unlimited drinks) for nothing (“I put my dollar in the machine!”). You know who you are. In mid-2017, we reported comp drink monitoring systems would be coming to the casino floor, and that’s exactly what’s happened at Westgate. The resort’s new system could be a glimpse into the future...

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Eureka Restaurant Opens on Fremont East and People Seem to Like It

The opening of Eureka restaurant on Fremont East was bittersweet for many denizens of downtown. The chain restaurant opened in a space formerly home to the Beat Coffeehouse, a popular haunt until it closed in Sep. 2016. Downtown is a special place to have patio dining. You’re sure to meet new people, some of whom have little to no need of delousing. Eureka has been opened just a few weeks, but has been doing brisk business since day one. We don’t get what they like so much about the place, but far be it from us to tell people what to like. To get a feel for Eureka, imagine Claim Jumper, but without the kids. Bonus points if you can guess why Eureka should cross-promote with a Cirque show at MGM Grand. We’ll wait. The menu at Eureka is made up of a lot of words we didn’t recognize, so we went straight for the Eureka American Cheeseburger. At $11, the price is a tad aspirational. It’s downtown, after all, where some of the best burgers in Las Vegas reside. Specifically, at Binion’s and El Cortez, where great burgers run around $5. Our medium well burger was decidedly medium, and the meat had a funky aftertaste, but look how pretty we made it, anyway. Burger aficionados will no doubt want to explore the menu further for items like the Bone...

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Bollard Installation Along Las Vegas Strip Decimates Las Vegas Walk of Stars

The Las Vegas Walk of Stars has always been an awkward rip-off of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but it’s our awkward rip-off of the Hollywood Walk of Fame! The recent installation of safety bollards along Las Vegas Boulevard has resulted in the destruction of 49 stars honoring Las Vegas entertainers and other dignitaries. Emilio and Gloria Estefan received a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars in 2010. Their star was not affected by the recent brouhaha. It’s at the entrance to the Flamingo. Bollards, of course, are steel posts intended to prevent morons and terrorists (which, we realize, is redundant) from driving onto sidewalks to run people over. Because asshattery. Apparently, the stars were too fragile to relocate. Just 33 of the stars remain intact. Of the 49 stars destroyed by the bollard installation, upwards of five belonged to actual celebrities. Those celebrities included Wayne Newton, Liberace, Rich Little, John Stuart, Sammy Davis Jr. and Elvis Presley. Wayne Newton’s star was the first to be added to the Las Vegas Walk of Stars back in 2004. Visit the KTNV Web site for the full list of stars obliterated by the bollard installation. No, “bollards” is not a British obscenity. Probably. Why is the Las Vegas Walk of Stars awkward, you ask? Well, because pretty much anyone can get one if they pony up the required fee....

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