Month: November 2016

5 things you need to know about weed, cannabis, kush

Find Search for: Recreational marijuana is coming to Nevada. As of November 8th, Nevadans voted yes to Question 2 on the ballet allowing recreational weed to pass legislation. With the new laws set in place, locals and tourists alike want to know what they can, how they can do it, when, and where, and any other details on this issue. TheVegas7 has you covered with the details. One more thing, if you’re curious on how to become a distributor in the great state of Nevada, check on this detailed, How-To link on comparisons, the medical marijuana industry, and how...

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How can I get a retail marijuana license for the state of Nevada? (And extras to getting started in the industry.)

This post breaks down into the following pages: Business Plan for retail marijuana establishments Initiative to Regulate and Tax Marijuana from Sections: 2. Preamble, 8. Lawful Operation of Marijuana Establishments, 12. Fee Schedule, 13. Marijuana establishment operating requirements. Learning by example: Instructions to obtain MME licenses for distributors in Nevada As it stands, the state of Nevada has yet to determine a total number of retail marijuana business licenses. There will be an 18-month period allowing specific distributors to become established, initially. Once this 18-month embargo lifts, the public will be welcomed to be apply. Here’s what...

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Anti-Trump protest may interfere with Las Vegas Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon

As a result of #Election2016 protests have erupted all over the U.S. Nevada, alongside California, Oregon, and Washington, lit up the west coast in a sea of blue. This, amid the country’s red results Tuesday night, November 8th, 2016. It’s no wonder, with the extreme hate rhetoric Trump campaigned on, that Democratic states would turn up to protest and contest the results. It’s not clear which city began first, but NYC and Chicago were among the first to unite. Tweets came flooding social media uniting crowds and organizing groups. Facebook lit up with similar messages. Photos: Largest Anti-Trump...

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Conor McGregor Against Eddie Alvarez UFC 205

You’ve been watching Hillary versus Trump matches far too long. It’s time to get your heads out of #PoliticalNightmare2016 and tune in. Tonight, the stage gets lit. It’s happening! McGregor versus Alvarez takes place in Madison Square Gardens, home of NYC, November 12th, 2016 at 10pm/7pm, ETPT. Alvarez is the current lightweight title holder, and that shit is up for grabs. Both fighters are weighing in at 155 lbs, and haven’t squared off with one another yet. Let’s see how they match with each other. McGregor 5 recent MMA matches: Opponent UFC match Outcome Round (time) Nate Diaz UFC...

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How much did you bet on Trump presidency? One Londoner place a £200,000 bet

Business man, and soon to be President of the United States, Donald Trump won the electorate vote Tuesday night, November 8th, 2016. His odds of winning? 20% opening day… Early on Tuesday morning, the New York Times gave Hillary Clinton the lead. This even resulted in the Trump campaign launching a lawsuit against the state of Nevada for allowing early voting (source). With a keen eye for opportunity, some people thought to wage a bet on the event. A gambler from London, U.K., please a bet of £200,000 on the online better website, Spreadex, on the underdog, Trump. Polls...

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