Month: February 2016

What To-Do and What Not To-Do While in Las Vegas

Find Search for: Let the count down begin. Heads up: If you’re a lonely man, interested in a date, don’t skip number 7! Whether you’re a seasoned pro to the streets of Vegas or a newbie trying to fit in, here’s a few what to-do’s and what not to-do’s. 1. Bare some skin! Vegas is the sinful city of indulgence. Vegas hotels such as Moorea at Mandalay Bay, Bare at the Mirage, Venus Pool Club at Cesears Palace, Sapphire Pool, and Naked at Artisan are just a few of the pool clubs offering a topless option to the suit. That’s right ladies, bras are not required. Men, just take it in. 2. Your heart has been warned… Heart Attack Grill is a hospital themed restaurant catering to the hungry appetites of those with a dealth wish. Diners have acutally left the restaurant because of legitimate heart attacks while eating this calorie-loaded food. 3. Pee on the Berlin Wall A slab of the Berlin Wall is on display in the Men’s Room in Main Street Station. Female patrons can be escorted by a security guard to see the graffitied stone. If you want to avoid the smell of urine, Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California and the National Churchill Museum in Fulton, Missouri have public displays of the wall as well. 4. This one’s gonna hurt Order a shot of...

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20 Random Las Vegas Myths and Truths

  Think you know your Vegas? What you don’t know may still shock you; be sure to check out no. 13, it’s ‘killer’… 1. Myth: Shills or starters are used at blackjack or craps tables to make players lose their focus. They are however littered throughout playing floors at slot machines to illicit excitement by letting out random Whoops and Has! 2. Truth: Howard Hues, refused to leave his hotel room. So, he bought it for $13 million dollars. 3. Truth: Camels were used as pack animals up until 1870 in Las Vegas. 4. Truth: Water structures are locally known as having gray-water. This is water recycled from every day household use (sinks and showers). 5. Truth: $20 tips can get you an upgraded hotel room. Try this trick Sunday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday nights are too busy to accommodate such requests. 6. Truth: A fireball killed slot machine users at a casino. In 1980 the MGM Grand Casino killed 85 people as a fire swept through the 26-floored building. Some guests refused to leave their slot machines and were incinerated as a fireball exploded through the first floor lobby extending out toward valet drivers. 7.Truth: It is Nevada state law that video slot machines pay out at least 75% on average. 8. Truth: Cesears Palace waitresses were at one point in time sown into their dresses. 9....

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