Month: May 2015

Poker Players To Watch in 2015 WSOP

Find Search for: We could go by charts, we could go by faces.  Heck, we could even go by Lady Gaga songs.  In this list we just wanted to put out there persons of interest in the poker community and who might have the best shot at that $8 million dollar purse come November. 1. Jason Mercier Coming off a massive Poker Stars Spring Championship at Online Poker. He has made five final tables, took 3 titles, and banked about $320,000. He late registered for the 2015 WSOP, but seems to be brimming with confidence. 2. Anthony Zinno If anyone is coming in hotter than Mercier it might be Zinno. Taking back to back wins at Fallsview Poker Classic and the Los Angeles Poker Classic the confidence bred so far in 2015 has him and others liking his chances at getting to the Main Table and more. 3. Ole Schemion Inching back over American, Scott Seiver, is the 22 year old German phenom. Taking over the top 10 in the Global Poker Index just at the WSOP gets under way, he is bound to make his mark on this years tournament. Vindication is a must as Scemion had a global ranking for a record breaking 18 weeks. 4. Scott Seiver The Las Vegas based poker player has to like his chances earning more than $15.1 million dollars in career...

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7 Fun Facts About the WSOP

    The 68 Event World Series of Poker(WSOP) has once again started in Las Vegas at the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino.The qualifying round goes for 50 days with the main table finishing up in November. As Las Vegas is flooded with dark sunglasses, down-to-the-brow ball caps, more headphones than a Beats by Dre conventions lets look at some fun facts of this Vegas institution in its 40 something year history.     There was one event at the 1970 WSOP. There will be 68 events at the 2015 World Series of Poker.     In the first WSOP in 1970, 7 people played for a cup.  There was no bracelet. Now there is no cup but 82,360 people played in the 2014 WSOP for that beauty picture above.     There were more people representing more nations at the WSOP in 2014 then there were countries represented in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi (160 vs 88).     More than $200,000,000 is expected to be awarded in the 2015 WSOP. Total prize money lifetime in the WSOP is $2,067,884,929.00.     19 players earned more than $1,000,000 dollars in the 2014 WSOP. Lifetime there has been 345 millionaires made from the WSOP.       In Hellmuth We Trust? Phil Hellmuth has won the most bracelets of any player in the history of the tournament with 13....

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Shoot Really Big Guns in Las Vegas

  No matter what side of the debate you are on, one must admit that firing a gun is a somewhat empowering experience. Much like the old muscle cars of yesteryear, there does not seem to be to much difference in pushing down the accelerator or pulling the trigger. The heartbeat quickens and adrenalin rushes. These aren’t your father’s shooting galleries. No watermelons and empty bottles here. Most of these are state of the art weapons centers that provide education and entertainment. 1. Battlefield Las Vegas 2771 Industrial Rd One of the larger ranges in Las Vegas. Choose from options that include 24 different shooting packages. Starting at $99 going up to $695 there is something for everyone. If your a World War 2 buff maybe the Private Ryan experience. Fresh off watching American Sniper on DVD? Try the Sniper Experience. The full gamut is here just one major block off the strip next to a strip club. Bullets and Boobs, Buns and Guns! 2.The Range 702 4699 Dean Martin Drive   A few highlights of the largest indoor range in Las Vegas include a on-site gunsmith and armorer to clean and repair weapons. It also provides instruction if one wants to work on their concealed weapons permit. Naturally you can shoota myriad of weapons. Unlike other ranges there is an on-site cafe also if you get a bit hungry. If...

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7 Tips for EDC

  Sweltering bodies. Incredible music. Life experiences.  All this in 3 days. But take a couple more days as you prefer for the 5th anniversary of this festival and do those extra steps! 1. Early Arrival Arrive early. Just like Coachella and Stagecoach festivals in the spring artists arrive early and play gigs on the strip.  This could lead to a more intimate viewing of your favorite DJ unless you consider 350,000 attendees intimate. 2. Driving Routes The festival is at the Motor speedway.  That is 20 miles from the strip.  There is really only one way for most of Las Vegas traffic to get there.  Soften the blow a bit and look at other options.  There will be shuttle services running from most major hotels starting around $80.  Really have the cash to throw around? Contact local helicopter charters(Maverick) starting at $500 you can be transported by helicopter to the event. It is Las Vegas. 3. Drink Water   It is the summer in the desert. Be smart. Drink water! 4. Cash is King   Most vendors at EDC only take cash.  Plan accordingly and budget.  You don’t want to be standing in line for that soft foam sword and suddenly realize that booth does not accept plastic. ATM’s will be on site but not nearly as convenient as one might hope. 5. GPS Car Locator Apps  ...

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Drink Like The Locals In Las Vegas

Las Vegas sees more visitors than most. One can visit multiple times throughout one’s life causing the weary traveler to seek out things other than the Strip and Downtown. Vegas is like any town, you get done with work and you want to raise one to the day, be it good or bad. Sometimes Las Vegas raises a few more but these thirsty souls seek where the locals play. The $12 drinks are great on the strip but sometimes one just needs a good 2 for 1 Happy Hour. 1. Sand Dollar Lounge @ 702 Bar Although Bar Rescue saved this bar a few years back, the soul of it is the blues. It is still very much alive. Local blues legends the Moanin’ Black Snakes are a staple there performing a couple times a month. Not to mention the notoriety of people like BB King, Mick Jagger, and the Allman Brothers sitting in through the years. This place is also an oasis for all those working musicians on the strip that come to unwind after the show. Satisfaction indeed! 2. Money Plays In a non descript strip mall just West of the Palms Casino sits the recently beer centric Money Plays. It has been in operation for over 20 years but the additions of the full liquor license and the open mic has given this place a resurgence in popularity....

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